Sooner, Zen begrudgingly accepts its dating not far it can make your ‘cringe’ observe Jumin therefore lovey-dovey

Sooner, Zen begrudgingly accepts its dating not far it can make your ‘cringe’ observe Jumin therefore lovey-dovey

Of all the members on the RFA, Zen gets together minimum which have Jumin, exactly who he feedback as actually a beneficial ‘trust fund jerk’ who was simply produced having a silver-spoon within his throat, and you will believes you to definitely Jumin try a robotic person who only cares for his money and his awesome pet, Elizabeth the next. Zen is frequently important on Jumin from his treatment towards Jaehee, disagreeing with how much Jumin performs his assistant even with Jaehee claiming inside Jumin’s route you to Jumin’s workload are higher than her very own. As a result of his dislike to the Jumin, Zen attempts to end him at all costs, discussing your just because the ‘jerk’ and you can complaining and if Jumin enters this new speak.

Yet not, Zen’s animosity isn’t reciprocated and you may Jumin keeps zero hatred to your Zen, as well as notices your once the a pal despite Zen’s cures to the your and you can Jumin actually delivers Zen bodyguards not as much as risk of the fresh new hacker inside the channel. Jumin features stretched model and you can sponsorships also provides with the Zen many times, accepting his skill and his looks but Zen has actually refuted her or him each time, due to their very first conference ending which have Zen rejecting Jumin’s promote out of a position. Their most readily useful bone away from contention originates from Zen’s hatred out-of kittens and you can Jumin’s love for them – commonly swedish mobile chat room, Jumin will send photo out of E the next into the cam with the knowledge that, great is Zen’s allergy symptoms, it can put Zen off and also going so far as to take on pet toward earlier party making Zen’s allergies work doing a really high studies. Zen does not bother to mention to help you Age the next by the woman full name, understanding complete well they annoys Jumin and is the only real day that he’s capable mark an impulse throughout the almost every other son.

It is just in Zen’s channel carry out the a couple beginning to pick vision so you’re able to attention; Jumin is the one to prepare Zen as well as the MC’s conference, putting some requisite preparations to take brand new MC off to Zen’s domestic despite his very own private religion that men and women will be never be living together or spending night with her just before relationships; simply fundamentally do Zen acknowledge Jumin’s assist and gives regarding relationship, apologising getting misdirecting their anger which he considered toward their sister to Jumin, that one other guy welcomes and once once again makes an enthusiastic bring having Zen become face regarding a tea cup venture they are dealing with.

While the video game is originally devote Korean, the newest MC can be point out how Zen cannot cam into the honorifics so you’re able to Jumin, that Korean is actually a sign of regard to individuals earlier

The two significantly clash for the Jumin’s channel, assaulting alot more thus than normal over Jumin’s steps having brand new MC stay in their penthouse; many times do Zen jeopardize Jumin to help you ‘release’ the brand new MC, warning this new MC you to Jumin are a guy and therefore a beneficial monster and therefore she don’t faith him to not do anything.


Jaehee and Zen are best friends, with Jaehee as well as getting a diehard partner out-of Zen, will complimenting your towards the their seems and you will fangirling across the selfies he frequently delivers towards chats. Jaehee’s reliability merely splits whenever as much as Zen and you may the woman is most defensive over Zen with his job, to the level in which she’ll reprimand the fresh new MC in the event the she suspects brand new MC having emotions having Zen, whether the MC is actually his station or not; yet not, the girl protectiveness is just over away from matter for Zen and you will his broadening dominance, becoming frightened one an effective scandal might happen and become injuring their industry.